"Star Quality" says Culture Map

"Star Quality" says Culture Map

The reviews are in for Princess Ida! Theodore Bale of Culture Map writes,

"In the title role is soprano Megan Stapleton, an artist of clarity, power, and much expressivity. She is also a gifted actor, playing the role with a studied intensity. She is, after all, playing the head of a women's university where no men are permitted. She has to be imposing for the 100 young women who follow her lead. I found her glamorous presence on stage mesmerizing, her voice melodious when it had to blend with others in an ensemble, but always extraordinary in solo passages. She has star quality, and I look forward to hearing her again in Houston or elsewhere."

Read the entire review at http://houston.culturemap.com/news/arts/07-25-16-g...

In another review, Gary Laird of Broadway World says, "Special kudos to the principals for their voices and musicality, especially Stapleton as Ida. Her clear soprano rang like the proverbial bell and left me wanting more."


Stay tuned for upcoming shows and more music!! It's going to be an exciting new season!